Their first release is by Gonçalo and Anna Tur, who in recent years have reached a perfect understanding on an artistic level. An extraordinary synergy that can be perceived both in their multiple performances together as well as in joint projects and in the studio. And the proof of this is in the two original tracks that make up the EP «Caught in the Club».

The homonymous track «Caught in the Club» opens the EP, an intense track with vocals that manage to lift the listener. The rhythmic base and the bass give off bursts of energy that maintain the tension throughout its more than seven minutes. The small melodic touches of the synth bring freshness to the track that will not go unnoticed in any set.

The EP continues with a remix by Spartaque that is 100% forcefulness from the first second. There is no room for respite, the acid bassline and the inclusion of the vocals support the leitmotif of the original track. The upward drop midway through the composition really blows up the track, marking a before and after in a set. The appearance of the syncopated and epic synth is as surprising as it is unforgettable, making «Caught in the Club» an essential track, perfect for the most climactic moment of the night.

And finally, the second original track closes the EP: «KAP Evening”, a track that moves in areas closer to tech house. The bass line stands out, in charge of making the dancefloor move. In some parts, the synth creates clear industrial reminiscences, closer to techno. We can’t forget to mention the drop which is intense and effective, resulting in another perfect tool to move the audience in any club or festival.

The artwork also deserves a special mention, as it is an original piece by LUIO ONASSIS DEL ZAU, a Portuguese graphic artist who will be in charge of all the label’s visual creativities.