Atmosferic, includes two originals by Dok & Martin. The fusion of the values, experiences, connections and experiences of Anna Tur, Gonçalo and Hosse has resulted in the birth of LOWLITA Records.

A label whose identity and foundations are intrinsically linked to the groove of house music and its fusion with techno and industrial forcefulness. Now, the time has come to discover their thirteenth EP, entitled «Atmosferic» and consisting of two original tracks signed by Dok 6 Martin.

The tracks on this EP; «Atmosferic» and «Rider» reflect Dok & Martins mentality as artists: a broad, borderless style, currently revolving around underground and techno sounds. Recognised as one of the brightest talents in Spanish techno, Dok & Martin (Víctor Salvador and Adrián Martínez) are making a name for themselves on the scene for the quality of their musical productions and the impact of their DJ sets.

In recent years they have conquered the clubbing scene with powerful sets full of original and unreleased productions that create a unique energy and a deep connection with the dancefloor. On this occasion, the artwork has been created by Cristiano Zganelli, an Italian artist who has been living in Ibiza for two decades.