Techno and subversion united: rave is the answer! The most international Ibizan artist that the beloved white island has ever produced presents her new release wrapped in a halo of vindication. Through the first track, «Manicomio», Anna addresses the political and social contradiction that the western world is currently living. Insistent and intense, as the name of the track itself indicates, «Manicomio» is a Techno blast that rides to the rhythm of its devilishly powerful drums. Laughter, sirens and contradictory messages intertwine with furious hertzian waves that intensify the track. The light comes in the form of synthesizers taking us back to 90s raves. A declaration of intentions that incites to dance and have fun as a perfect antidote to these crazy times during the pandemic. A track that represents the present moment and the desire to go out and let loose. «Positive Mind» closes the release. A more introspective track, which makes the rhythmic and acidic loop a mantra that sustains your mind and your dance, only broken by a few touches of synth that elevate the composition and give it a futuristic and industrial feel. If «Manicomio» invites you to go out and dance, «Positive Mind» is the track you need to continue the rave for a few more hours. Lowlita, the label founded by Anna Tur herself together with Gonçalo and Hosse, accompanies all its releases with a cover created by different graphic designers. On this occasion, the artwork is by Italian painter and graffiti artist Riccardo Lopez, better known as White Rabbit. Bright colours, recognisable icons and an ironic and critical vision of contemporary culture are his hallmarks. Another example of the vindictive nature of this release.