The eighth LOWLITA Records release comes from one of the components and founders of the label, HOSSE.
‘Never Stop Playing’, consists of two original tracks titled ‘Never Stop Playing’ and ‘Dirty Acid’, made for the dancefloor.
The first track ‘Never Stop Playing’ features a very special collaboration with Katie Knight, one of the most recognised voices in electronic music on radio and TV, discussing the situation we have been going through worldwide over the last year,
in which one thing that will never stop is the music.
The second track, called ‘Dirty Acid’, is loaded with hit-hats and a heavy bass, which turns into acid as the track progresses, until it obsessively gets into your head and won’t let you stop dancing. On this occasion, the artwork has been created by Cristiano Zaganelli, the multifaceted Italian artist based in Ibiza. An Illustrator very related to the Balearic style, who is fresh, dynamic, modern and always connected with nature.

Pre-release is on September 30th, pre-order on September 23rd and the release date on October 14th.